Fire Protection Made Simple with ServiceTrade

At Christopherson Fire Protection, we strive to provide the highest quality service to each of our clients, so we won’t just meet your expectations, we’ll exceed them. That’s why we’ve decided to add ServiceTrade to our tool belt.


ServiceTrade is a mobile field service management software platform we use to provide real time reporting and updates about your fire protection systems. Using this software we can offer live quotes, before and after photographs, deficiency updates, invoices, work acknowledgements and more. All in REAL TIME!

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How Does ServiceTrade Help Me?

Never be forgotten

Christopherson Fire Protection uses Service Trade to manage your equipment data. This system assures that all of your equipment will be kept up to date and functioning.

ServiceTrade gives Christopherson Fire Protection's customers:

  • Scheduled forecast of services required
  • Equipment Service history and life limits
  • Functioning database of all your equipment and attributes, across multiple locations.

Live Reports from the Field

Christopherson Fire Protection provides more information and better service to our customers before, during, and after service because we use ServiceTrade.

ServiceTrade gives Christopherson Fire Protection's customers:

  • Rich, digital reporting with photos, clear typed comments, videos, and audio notes
  • Instant access to electronic records of service history and system status
  • The best information to make critical fire protection system maintenance decisions

Rich Reporting

Technicians use smartphones and tablets as indispensable tools to confirm the appointment, check-in, and check-out of each service, and they use photos, videos, audio notes, and digital comments to document what was performed and what they discovered. Because ServiceTrade applications are used on site, Christopherson Fire Protection can virtually take the customer into the job to see what the technician sees. The old days of producing carbon copy illegible forms have been replaced with detailed, concise digital records at Christopherson Fire Protection.

Work Validation

The work validation tools built into ServiceTrade provide complete accountability for our technician’s time associated with your services. Built-in time tracking of when technicians are en route, when they arrive, and when they have completed their work is automatically tracked on every service call. GPS tracking enables our office staff to confirm that the technicians are at the right place at the right time.


At the end of the service call, the customer sees the complete set of documents, photos, and notes before signing the work acknowledgement report on the technician’s tablet. That signature is stored with the other rich media from the job. All of this documentation is summarized in a single report that is emailed to the customer and stored in the ServiceTrade platform permanently for future reference. All documents can be easily saved as a PDF on your server or can be quickly printed.

Enjoy Faster Repairs

ServiceTrade allows us to promptly alert you when deficiencies are found in your equipment—which gives you the opportunity to approve that work order rapidly to ensure a quick turn-around for the repair to be complete. Faster repairs mean that your essential life safety systems will be fully operational and compliant.

Avoid Compliance Issues

Customers are provided with a rich, detailed history of all of the work performed in your building. Photographs and audio memos give you in-depth reporting or repair history, deficiency repairs, and completed work. This helps provide you with all of the information necessary to maintain compliance with all state and local fire and building codes.

Receive Automated Quotes

When our technicians service your building and find deficiencies, we send immediate quotes that thoroughly document the repairs that are required with applicable photos directly to your email, giving you the opportunity to review and approve it right away with the click of a button. From there, the quote immediately turns into a job in ServiceTrade that is ready to be scheduled.

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