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Christopherson Fire Protection is a commercial contractor located in Chino, CA. We have been serving Southern California for over 30 years. We serve the Greater Los Angeles area, Inland Empire and San Diego. David Christopherson began the contracting company with his family in 1985. Safety and personalized customer service are the core values this company was built on. They originally operated out of a small building on 6th street. The company grew over the years, found their own location, and we began to find better and better ways to serve the community at large.


Today our focus is still on safety.


Dave is looking out for your safety

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Christopherson Fire Protection, has been an industry leader for fire protection services in the Southern California area for over 30 years. We are based in Chino, CA and has an excellent team who are responsible for the design, installation, and inspection of sprinkler systems, kitchen fire suppression systems / kitchen hood & duct systems, fire extinguishers, and emergency lighting. We have an extensive customer base managing 1000's of fire systems that we perform recurring inspection and repair services throughout our coverage area. Our company is continually growing through its sales and marketing activities, customer referrals and our strong 30 year reputation.


We are a paperless office and use tablets and smart phones in the field. Billing and payment and scheduling is performed by our central office leaving you free to do your job.


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Whether you are a speculative client or an existing customer, we want you to know we are grateful for your interest in our organization and love having the opportunity to work with you.



"The most important thing is that we keep people safe, and in business."

~ David Christopherson

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What our Customers are saying.


"Christopherson Fire Pro is one in a million. I have genuinely enjoyed working with them over the past 10 years. David and his team are honest, genuine, and trustworthy. You could not ask for a better
company to do business with!"


-Kacie Reeves
Halton Company


Christopherson Fire Protection - Halton Company Logo


"Christopherson's fire services people were respectful, friendly and prompt. The sprinklers they changed look amazing. They took care of it in a timely manner and were very professional. All paper work was done and sent to my email very prompt. They worked very well around our little ones and parents during the morning rush at the preschool. Would highly recommend them.! "


-Alejandra U.

Heights Christian Pre-School

Christopherson Fire Protection Chino Hills Preschool



"We have been using Christopherson Fire Protection for years. I am new to my position, and Kayle has been great about explaining things to me and helping me figure out what my needs are. Eric is honest and respectful and I have nothing but trust towards working with them. It's hard to find service providers who run their business they way the did long ago when business actually treated you like people and not dollar bills, but Christopherson Fire is customer service oriented and does quality work. You rarely find businesses you trust these day, but they are the needle in the hay stack! A keeper for sure!"


-Megan Cook

Christopherson Fire Protection - Corona-Narco Unified School District



"The staff of Christopherson Fire Protection has always been great to work with. Their knowledge and professionalism when helping to maintain our different fire suppression systems at our facilities have
always gone above and beyond.


I highly recommend working with Christopherson Fire Protection."


-Michael Berry
Facilities Manager
Union Station Homeless Services

Christopherson Fire Protection Union Station is our affiliate


"Thank you for a great work on Cinepolis in Vista and Pico Rivera!

Your company did an awesome job! We are very pleased at SDRS.


Well done Christopherson!"


-Arlene Arauz

Christopherson Fire Protection - Cinepolis



“My name is Meaghan and I am the Director of Operations for Cafe Sevilla. We are a restaurant located in Long Beach, Riverside and San Diego who has made Christopherson Fire part of our normal go to
companies to work with! First and foremost, the really do a great job. We have never had a problem with the jobs they have done for us and if ever there was, we know they would not stop until
everything was fixed as it should be. Not only that, but they are efficient, quick and work around the times that we need to be open. From the administrative side, as a manager who is in front of her
computer all of the time and not always reachable by phone, they make communication and bill paying easy via email! Just this morning we had our annul system serviced at 6am at our Long Beach location and I have since then, paid, given my feedback and scheduled our next service.


We will definitely continue to use them and recommend any time we can!”


Operations Manager
Cafe Sevilla

Christopherson Fire Protection - Sevilla


"The McIntyre Company has been a committed customer of Christopherson Fire Protection for over a decade. We continue to be
pleased with their Fire Extinguisher Services and appreciate the professionalism of the Christopherson team."


-J. Sunshine
Director of Risk Management
Corona, CA.


“We choose Christopherson Fire Protection because of their reliability, competitive pricing and flexibility to work with YOU as a client. From a friendly and knowledgeable technician, to a prompt and
thorough office staff, you are in good hands for all your certification and fire needs. Great follow through too! I highly recommend letting them bid on a project and speaking with someone on staff for your
needs. A family owned business that won’t disappoint”


-AJ Taylor
General Manager
Galaxy Mission Grove Luxury +

Christopherson Fire Protection - Galaxy Theatres


“It has been our pleasure working with Christopherson Fire Protection Systems for more than 10 years. Their work is professional
and flawless and the customer service is highly recommended.”


-Debbie Beeson
Food Service Director
Chaffey Joint Unified School District


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-Yesenia Lopez
Office Coordinator
Methodist Hospital of Southern California


"I love working with Christopherson Fire. They are focused on providing amazing customer service and do fantastic work. They are light-years ahead of the competition because of their modern approach
to what has historically been painful industry to work with.


I highly recommend them! "


-Shawn Mims

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