"Christopherson Fire Protection has been serving Southern California Restaurants and Kitchens for over 30 years."


Christopherson Fire Protection will come to your kitchen, gather data, and create an estimated monthly payment plan.


Your equipment detail will be added to our system including Certification Expiration,  Scheduled Upgrades and Regular Maintenance.


Christopherson Fire Protection will initiate appointments with your company or kitchen to make sure no included systems expire and that all available upgrades are performed on schedule.

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An Average of
Restaurant fires happen in the U.S. each year.
Cooking is the LEADING cause of more than
of all restaurant fires.
Restaurant fires result in an average loss to building and assets
Between 2007 and 2009 there were over
Reported restaurant fire injuries.

(Taken from the U.S.F.A. Topical Fire Report Series, Volume 12, Issue 1. Restaurant Building Fires, April 2011)

    • By bundling your services you save money with a manageable monthly payment.
    • Avoid large or unexpected invoices.
    • You have the convenience of only having to work with one fire protection company for all of your service and repair needs.
    • Deferred maintenance is eliminated as equipment is automatically kept up to date.
    • Each store can pay for their own services on their own schedule OR one combined monthly payment can be made at the corporate level.
    • Comprehensive multi-store reports are available so that you can see what is going on with every location at a glance.
    • A technician will be assigned to your store.
    • You technician carries an Employee ID and has been certified and licensed to work and certify your systems.
    • Every time we are on site, it is like a mini fire inspection. We will find and fix potential issues, often before the fire inspector does.
    • A percentage of every monthly payment will go to help local burn victims through our charity partner.

Christopherson Fire Protection has been proudly serving Southern California for over 30 years. Our mission is to keep our clients and their property safe and ready for fire emergencies. We call, we install, we service them all.

"I wish this option had been available years ago!"

-Mark Steveson