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 The Christopherson Fire Protection Customer Portal allows clients and managers to view upcoming jobs, recently completed appointments and any live activity happening in real time. The portal will display permanent web links which contain downloadable information about your current, future and recently completed fire protection service jobs including certification forms, invoices, field obtained work acknowledgements, survey forms, approved plans, work orders, photographs, video/audio files and system tag documentation.

The Customer Portal gives eyes in the field and control over all of your current fire protection equipment and certification paperwork. Take the guesswork and hassle out of facility fire protection equipment management.

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Whether you are a speculative client or an existing customer, we want you to know we are grateful for your interest in our organization and love having the opportunity to work with you.



Christopherson Fire Protection - Dave

"The most important thing is that we keep people safe, and in business."

~ David Christopherson

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