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Cafes and cafeterias. Delis and diners. Fast food chains and food courts. ANSUL  fire suppression systems and portable K-Class extinguishers protect more types of cooking equipment for more customers than any other brand. Our passion for protection is what fuels product innovation and application methods to protect your valued employees, customers and livelihood. 

Christopherson Fire Protection is ready to install your ANSUL or Amerex Kitchen Fire Suppression System.



We are an ANSUL/TYCO Authorized Distributor which means we are Tyco trained and certified to design, install and service ANSUL/TYCO fire suppression system and products.

We have been installing ANSUL/TYCO Kitchen Fire suppression systems for over 30 years. We are familiar with every aspect of the installation process and are ready to take care of it for you.

We are also an AMEREX Authorized Distributor which means we are AMEREX trained and certified to design, install and service AMEREX fire suppression systems and products

New Fire System Installation Process


ANSUL/Tyco and Amerex both offer several models of fire suppression system.(ANSUL Piranha, ANSUL R-102, Amerex KP PRM, Amerex KP MRM etc.) Choosing the right one depends of many factors such as type of hood, type of cooking equipment, nature of hazards, governing jurisdictional law and price. If you are unsure which system would work best for you, please contact us and an engineer would be happy to guide you through your options.


Christopherson Fire Protection will deliver an online quote for your ANSUL System Installation or Amerex System Installation directly to your email inbox. You can approve our quote with just 1 click. 


Typically, we will ask for the following information to put together your personalized ANSUL Fire System Quote.


Kitchen/Equipment floor plan which includes:

  • Fire Equipment Required (if you don't know, don't worry we can help you!)
  • Please Hood Size
  • Length of Plenum
  • Duct Size/shape 
  • Cooking equipment schedule
  • Legal Address of installation site
  • Type/size/age of building.
  • Job/contractor requirement information (prevailing wage/union/etc.)

Our turnaround time for new quotes is usually less than 48 hours.


Christopherson Fire Protection will draw and deliver for city approval, your ANSUL Fire System plans / Amerex Fire System plans. You will also receive an electronic copy of these plans for your approval. In addition, a paper copy of these plans will be made available for archival on site where the system is installed. Our turn around time for plans is usually less than 1 week from quote approval to city delivery. Priority rushes for ANSUL System plans and Amerex plans are available.



Our in-house project coordinator will work with you to set up a schedule. Once your job site is ready for us, we will begin the installation process. The length of time we need to be on site depends on the size of your ANSUL Fire suppression system and type (ANSUL Piranha, ANSUL R-102) or Amerex system (Amerex MRM, Amerex PRM). Our journeyman fire suppression system installers are factory trained and jobsite ready.


All ANSUL and Amerex installers have all necessary training including safety, fall protection and First Aid. In addition, our installers are trained to keep your job site clean, your equipment new, and your building beautiful.


Your new ANSUL/Amerex Fire Protection system will need to be tested by the local fire department. We will coordinate with the fire department and your jobsite to pick the best possible time for the system test to occur. Once your system has been successfully tested, your system will be armed and ready for service. Your system will also receive a system tag certifying the system for 6 months.


According to NFPA 25 your fire system will need to be serviced at a minimum of twice per year. If you are interested in setting up a continued service plan, we provide that as well. please click here for more information.

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